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Is Topsoil Good For Gardening?

by aditya abhishek


Top soil is composed of soil, silt and clay in different proportions. It contains the most nutrients, organic matter, and microorganisms necessary for plant growth.

However, for good plant growth, it is not only the topsoil but actually its type that facilitates good root development and plant growth. Not all types of topsoil are good for gardening. 

Topsoils that are porous, have good drainage and are rich in organic matter are ideal for growing most of the plants. Hence are considered best for gardening. 

You can always use sandy loam soils to grow plants. But avoid heavy, sticky soils that retain water for longer duration as they are not good for growing plants. 

If you want to do gardening but is not sure how to use soil, then prepare ideal potting mix for plants by mixing 40% soil + 30% compost + 20% cocopeat + 10% river sand. 

Look for topsoil that is free from contaminants, such as pesticides or heavy metals, and has a good balance of organic matter and nutrients.

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