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Is Poultry Farming Industry Still Valuable

by aditya abhishek

It is a type of animal husbandry which involves rasing of domesticated poultry birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese to produce meat, eggs for food.

Poultry definition

In the year 2021, the global poultry market was $318.58 Billion and till 2022 it has reached $349.28 Billion. Hence it is growing at CAGR of 9.6%.

Poultry industry

This means despite protests and issues raised by vegan organizations, poultry market is still growing at remarkable rate. Therefore poultry farm owners have lot of scope in this industry.

The United States Of America is the largest poultry meat producer in the world. It produces around 17% of the total global production. This is followed by China, & Brazil.  

Largest Producer

Japan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Europian Union, Iraq, South Africa, etc. are the largest importer of poultry products. 

Largest importer

However, China is the leading egg producer in the world. It produces around 38% of the total world's egg production. This is followed by India & America. 

Anyone can start a poultry farm without any license on a small farm land with less capital and can gain profit in short period of time. Marketing is  easy as demand remains high. 


Sudden disease infestation can ruin all your hard efforts. Unlike traditional farming, it requires skills & knowledge about management & feeding. 


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