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Intensive Vs. Extensive Agriculture

by aditya abhishek

There are various ways by which we can practice agriculture. And two such popular methods are intensive and extensive agriculture. Let's understand difference between them. 

Intensive Agriculture

It is the practice of cultivating crops by heavy mechanization & intensification as compared to land area to ensure high productivity. 

Requirenment of capital, fertilizers, pesticides, labour, etc., are high in intensive farming method as compared to extensive farming system. 

Extensive Agriculture

It is the practice of cultivating crops on large farmland by following traditional farming practices. Total production is high, but productivity decreases. 

Extensive farming is practiced in rural areas away from the market, but intensive farming is practiced near the market in densely populated areas. 

Productivity in an extensive farming system depends entirely on soil fertility, climate, local practices and the terrain of the area. 

As intensive agriculture system is located near markets therefore cost of transportation is less as compared to extensive agriculture system. 

Extensive agriculture system is environmental friendly, as less chemicals are used but practicing intensive farming can lead to soil degradation. 

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