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Better Insight On Sprinkler Irrigation System 

by aditya abhishek

Application of irrigation water through a system of pipes by pumping which look like natural rainfall is called sprinkler irrigation system. 

Sprinkler Irrigation

A sprinkler irrigation system consist of a centrifugal pump unit, mainlines, sub-mainlines, laterals and sprinklers.


You can use sprinkler irrigation system in row, field, and tree crops. Avoid using large sprinklers for irrigating delicate crops such as lettuce. 

Suitable Crops

You can use sprinklers in sandy to sandy loam soil with good infilteration rate. Keep the average application rate of sprinklers less than basic infiteration rate of the soil. 

Suitable Soil

Control application rate by managing size of sprinkler nozzles, operating pressure & distance between sprinklers. By keeping application rate at optimum you can avoid surface ponding and runoff.

Avoid larger drop size of sprinkler water in delicate crops, small drop size between 0.5 and 4.0 mm is ideal. Pressure & nozzle size determines drop size. 

Drop Sizes

Sprinkler Irrigation System help farmers to avoid wastage of water, increasing water use efficiency, plan irrigation according to local weather and soil condition, uniform application, etc.


Initial investment cost is higher, operating require skilled labour, and opertaion cost is higher because of energy need for pumping water, not efficient in clayey soils.  


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