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Increase Crop yield By Using Chicken Poop

by aditya abhishek


If you are a farmer who is looking for organic sources of fertilizers for your crop, then chicken litter or poop can be a boon for you. 


Poultry waste is a rich source of nutrients for plants. They contain almost 13 essential nutrients required for the growth of plants. 


Poultry manure contains  4.55 to 5.46 % nitrogen, 2.46 to 2.82 % phosphorus, 2.02 to 2.32 % potassium, 4.52 to 8.15 % calcium and other nutrients. 


Therefore, instead of throwing them use them as a rich source of nutrients to promote healthy growth in your plants. 

How To Use

Do not use poultry waste directly on your farm. Instead, compost it with other organic materials and then use it in 1:4 with soil. 


Poultry farmers also sell poultry waste to fertilizer companies to earn extra income. 1 Kilogram of poultry waste is sold at around 7 to 15 rupees. 


Hence, poultry waste is not only a good source of nutrients for plants but it can also help in earning extra income for poultry farmers. 


But avoid overuse of poultry manure as excess nutrients can leach into water bodies, causing pollution. That's why use in recommended amount only. 

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