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Important Principles Of Landscaping For Gardening

by aditya abhishek


You must have visited or seen Informal & Formal garden. Their unique style & colour attract nature lovers. All marvel of landscaping you see are based of these principles.


Background of the garden should be neutral be it wall, tall trees or hedge. It should not create distraction over main features of the garden.


Design should break monotony of the garden. While landscaping focus on bringing variation in texture, form, and colour.


Maintain balance between different components of garden. In formal garden you can create balance by maintaining quantity of components. 

Open Centre

The central area of the garden should be open therefore you can create a lawn in the centre of a garden. Here people can silt, relax & enjoy the nature. 


In formal garden to create rhythm there should be repetition of components. In informal garden you can achieve by maintaining colour tone. 


For creating rhythm in the garden you need to have artistic approach. Rhythm is the soul of a garden. 


A garden should not composed of similar components. There should be variety in plants, texture, colour, form, and all should blend perfectly. 

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