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If You Plant A Pine Cone Will A Tree Grow

by aditya abhishek

Will It Grow?

Well direct answer is no, but you can use pine cones to grow pine trees if you follow these methods step by step correctly.

What Are Pine Cones?

In simple words we can say that they are woody container for pine seeds, and these seeds will only get released if environmental conditions are ideal.

Harvesting Pine Cones

You should harvest pine cones directly from pine trees during autumn season. Do not select fallen pine cones on the ground.

Packing & Shaking

Pack harvested pine cones in paper sacks and keep them in warm airy room. After every few days shake the sack until you hear seeds rattling around the sack.

Artificial Stratification

Once seeds get realesed from cones, pack them in plastic bags & keep them in freezer for 3 months. to mimic stratification.

Potting Mix

Prepare potting mix with equal ratio of river sand, peat moss, and pine bark. Fill them in 4 inches sized pot with drainage holes at the bottom.


Sow 1 seeds in each pot at 1.4 inches depth. Apply water after sowing and keep your pot under bright indirect sunlight.


Once your newly grown pine tree seedling reaches at least 8 inches height then you can transpllant them under direct sunlight.

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