How Hydroponics

Is Future Of Farming In The World!

By Agriculture Review


The art or science of growing crop on liquid nutrient solutions instead of soil is hydroponics.

Market Value

According to Hydroponic Greenhouse Farming Report, by the end of 2022, market vale will grow up to $31,436.7 million.

Growth Rate

From 2017 to 2022, international hydroponic market kept growing at 6.7% compound annual growth rate.


Every year around 3 million hectares of farming land is lost because of land degradation and migration of rural population.


However, globally annual population increase rate is 1.1%, which means every year there is increase of 83 million people.


Everyone need quality food in their plates. But according to estimates, still 828 million people sleep without having food at night.


From a 1 acre traditional farm, only 10 tons of tomatoes could be grown but from hydroponics we can get up to 180 tons per acre.


Higher yield means higher profits, moreover hydroponics farm could also be build in cities or terraces of houses.


Hydroponics requires skills & high initial investment. However challenges can be overcome by learning skills & government help.

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