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How To Take Care Of A Venus Fly Trap

by aditya abhishek

Venus Fly Trap is a carnivore plant that is native to America and you can grow them indoors easily by following  these tips.


Temperature range of 21 to 35 degree Celsius with humidity above 50% is ideal for growing venus fly trap plant.


Grow venus fly trap in sphagnum moss or coco-peat medium and little river sand. Avoid adding manure or soil in the growing medium.


Keep this carnivore plant under bright indirect sunlight for good growth. Avoid direct sunlight or low light condition.


Do not use tap water, instead use distilled water or rain water and keep the medium evenly moist but avoid soggy condition. 


Avoid adding any kind of fertilizer to grow Venus fly trap. They get their nutrients by feeding on insects.


Once the dormant season is over, which is during early spring you can start repotting Venus fly trap to a new pot. 

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