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How To Store Geraniums Over Winter

by aditya abhishek

Geranium is a genus that has over 430 species of flowering plants that grow well in tropical climate, loves well drained soil, and thrive well in direct to indirect sunlight. 


16 to 24 degree Celsius is good for geraniums, but temperature below 7 degree Celsius can seriously damage this beautiful flowering plant. 

Therefore, if during winters in your region, temperature falls below 16 degree Celsius, then you need to follow any one of these methods for overwintering geraniums. 

Bring Them Indoors

Hard prune your geraniums to half of their size and repot them six weeks before harsh cold winters, then bring inside. Make sure they receive at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight. 


Take 3 to 4 inches stem cuttings, remove leaves from bottom and leave 2 to 4 leaves at top. Dip bottom in rooting hormone, plant them & keep them indoors

Cold Storage

In this method geraniums are cut back to half of their size, a layer of straw mulch is applied, and then it is stored at 2 to 4 degree Celsius, watering is done timely.

Root Storage

Take out plant along with roots, leave inches stem with roots, trim rest part, cover them in paper, and store them at 2 to 4 degree Celsius. 


If keeping in pot, water when the top layer of soil becomes dry. Keep checking once after every month for any signs of disease and pest. 

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