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How To Start Rooftop Gardening

by aditya abhishek

Rooftop Garden

People living in cities love to get surrounded by beautiful plants, as live plants are scarce in cities. Therefore, starting rooftop gardening is a fantastic choice. 

Creating a rooftop garden has lots of advantages. It can beautify empty spaces, helps relieve stress and connect with nature and keeps you healthy. 


Before starting a rooftop garden, get to know about local climatic conditions. It will help you select the right plants to grow in the garden. 

Structural Strength 

To grow plants on your rooftop, get to know how much weight your rooftop or terrace can handle. Also, ensure good drainage to avoid water seepage. 

Water Access

Plants require water for survival & growth. Therefore, make sure to have water access for rooftop gardening. 

Garden Beds

You can construct raised garden beds or pots with drainage holes at the bottom for growing plants. Make sure to maintain symmetry. 

Growing Medium

Use light weight growing medium such as mixture of soil, cocopeat, sand, and compost for growing plants in your rooftop garden. 


Make sure to reuse kitchen waste materials such as vegetable & fruit peels as compost to provide nutrients to your plants in the garden. 

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