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How To Start Improving Soil Health

by aditya abhishek

You must have heard in recent days that soil health is deteriorating due to ill practices in the farm & other sectors. But if you follow these methods then soil health can be improved. 

Reduce Tillage 

Either practice zero tillage or try to minimize tillage between harvesting to sowing of crops. Excessive tillage leads to soil erosion. 

Cover Crop

Plant cover crops such as mustard, alfalfa, rye, clovers, buckwheat, cowpeas, radish, vetch, Sudan grass, etc. in your farm to reduce erosion & increase fertility of soil. 

Crop Rotation

Do not cultivate same crop over and over again on the same farm land. Diversify crop plantation in subsequent seasons to reduce pests & diseases, boost nutrient cycling & soil health. 


Mulching with help of crop residues, paddy straw or even plastic helps not only in reducing soil erosion but it also helps in reducing irrigation need. 

Nutrient Source

Do not depend only on chemicl fertilizers for supplying nutrients. Look out for other organic sources such as dung manure, neem cake fertilizer, etc. 


Start using bio-fertilizers and pesticides such as Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Jeevamrut, Beejamrut, Neemastra, etc.

Cropping System

Avoid mono-cropping, instead adopt multiple cropping, intercropping or strip cropping system in the farm to revive soil health and ecosystem.

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