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How To Start Growing Chilli Plant In Pots

by aditya abhishek


In every home to cook food we need chilli, so why not grow them in your garden in pots instead of buying from the market, well here is how you can grow them in pots...

Pot Selection

For growing chilli plant, select a pot that is at least 12 inches deep and has drainage holes at the bottom. Earthen pots are ideal but you can also select plastic pots. 

Potting Mix

Well drained soils rich in organic matter are ideal for chilli plant. Mix 40% garden soil + 30% dung manure + 20% cocopeat + 10% perlite or cinder to prepare potting mix. 


You can take paper cups, make small holes at the bottom, fill potting mix, sow two seeds in each cup, apply water gently & keep under shade till seedling emerges. 


Once seedlings reaches 2 to 4 true leaf stage, transplant them to a larger pot & shift them at a place where they can get 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight daily. 


Do not let the soil dry out completely but also avoid waterlogging on the pot. Apply water only when top layer of the soil becomes dry. 


Once after every 20 days add a handful of leaf compost + bonemeal or onion peel fertilizer to promote plant growth & flowering. To enhance fruiting add calcium rich fertilizers. 

Pests & Diseases

White flies poses a serious threat as they are vector of organism that causes leaf curl disease in chilli plants, hence keep spraying neem oil once in every 30 days. 

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