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How To Start Growing & Caring For Boston Fern

by aditya abhishek


Also known as sword fern is a species of evergreen fern which is native to America and can grow upto 90 centimetres high. 


Warm & humid tropical climate with temperature ranging from 16 to 30 degree Celsius is ideal for growing boston fern. 

soil & potting mix

Well draining, light weight slightly acidic soil is good. Prepare potting mix with 50% garden soil + 20% cocopeat + 10% river sand + 10% compost + 10% perlite. 


Bright indirect sunlight for 6 to 8 hours daily is essential for growing & caring for boston fern. Avoid keeping them under direct sunlight. 


Keep the soil evenly moist and do not let them dry for longer duration. Apply water whenever soil seems dry. 


You can use well balance 1/2 teaspoon NPK 20:20:20 in litre water once after every 60 days. Or you can use tea leaf compost. 


You can easily propagate boston fern by rhizomes that grow away from the main plant. Separate them from main plant and transplant them. 

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