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How To Start Cashew Farming Business

by aditya abhishek


If you have acres of land for farming and you are looking to set up a profitable orchard, then you can plant cashew in your farm to earn good amount of money. 


Cashew crop can tolerate wide range of ecological factors. You can cultivate cashew in altitude below 700 metres where temperature does not fall below 20 degrees Celsius.


Cashew is very sensitive to water logging, therefore avoid cultivating them in heavy clay soil. It perform very well in red sandy loams, laterite soil and coastal sands.


You can propagate cashew by Layering, Budding, and Grafting. Practice air layering in cashew during February to March for plantation in June to July.

Field Prepartion

Prepare pits of 60×60×60 centimetres at spacing of 8×8 metres for plantation. Start plantation during July to August, plant 5 to 12 months old grafts for best results.


For better growth apply 10 to 15 Kilograms of Farm Yard Manure per plant. In a year you should give 500 grams nitrogen, 125 grams P2O5(Phosphorus), and K2O(Potassium) per plant.


You can give 200 litres of water per plant at 15 day intervals from February to March to double the yield.


You can start harvesting cashew 3 years after plantation. You will start getting complete yield from 10th year after plantation. However this will continue till 20th year.

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