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How To Save Winter Flower Seeds

by aditya abhishek

Save Seeds

With the onset of spring season, annual winter flowering plants start dying. To save their seeds for sowing in next season, follow these guidelines. 


To save seeds of calendula flowering plant, let seed heads dry under sunlight naturally; when colour changes to brown, separate seeds and keep them in jars or packets. 


When the flower opens completely, open the seed head carefully; Keep the white & black coloured long rod-shaped seed, and remove the rest part. Dry them in the shade for a week. 


Let flowers die naturally on the plant; once they dry, separate them from the plant and squeeze seeds out of them on white paper. Dry seeds in the shade for 3 days, and store seeds. 


Let flowers die naturally; you will soon notice star-shaped seed pods in place of flowers; once they turn brown, squeeze seeds out of them & dry them under shade. 


Once the flower has dried up entirely and the seed pod has formed and dried, harvest tiny, dark bottle-necked-shaped seeds from seed heads and store them. 

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