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How To Save Rose Plants In Hot Summer Days

by aditya abhishek


In hot tropical climate, rose plant flowers from October to end of March. Blooming period depends on rose variety, local climate & other external factors. 

Heat Stress

In hot and dry climatic conditions when temperature rises above 35 degrees Celsius, risk of heat stress in rose plants increases. It causes brown and yellow scorched leaves.

Due to these harsh conditions, both traditional & exotic varieites of roses are at risk. Therefore, to save them in summer days for flowering in next winter season, follow these guidelines. 

Stop Taking Flowers

Even if someone advises you to have flowers in rose plant during very hot summer days, from today stop taking their advise. They are simply misleading you. 

You must have noticed, that during summer days, size of the flower decreases. This is because plant is under stress due to extreme heat as it is adapted to grow in cooler climatic conditions.

Therefore, start removing flower buds when temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius. Remove buds with sterililized pruning shears. 


Make sure the soil remains slightly moist during hot summer days. Also mist your rose plant with water twice in a day to lower down temperature around rose plant. 

Shade Net

Cover your rose plant with a 75% shade net from the top. Leave sides to facilitate airflow. It helps in protecting the rose plant from harsh sunlight in summer. 


If you have a busy schedule and you can't water regularly then apply an inch layer of straw or plastic mulch around the base of your rose plant to retain moisture. 

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