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How To Protect Mango Tree From Pests

by aditya abhishek


Mango is a tropical fruit tree which is cultivated worldwide for its delicious fruit. If you are growing this tree, follow these points to protect mango trees from pests. 

Pests Of Mango 

Mango stem borers makes tunnels in the sapwood on the trunk or branches and feed on the vascular tissues. To control them, apply carbofuran 3G 5 g per hole and close with mud.

Bark Borer

Caterpillars of Bark borer bore into the trunk or junction of branches. Remove & destroy infested branches, add 3 grams aluminum phosphide per hole.

Shoot Borer 

Shoot borer attacks on terminal shoots. You can notice tunnel from top to down wards on terminal shoots. Spray carbaryl 50WP 0.1% to control these pests. 

Mango Hoppers

Nymphs & adults of mango hoppers suck the sap of inflorescence, you can notice presence of honey dew secrecation on lower leaves. Spray two rounds of acephate 75 SP@ 1g/liter. 


Aphids of mango suck the sap from leaves, petiole and fruits. Collect & destroy infested parts, spray Methyldemeton 25 EC 1 ml/litre.

Fruit Fly 

Well ripen fruits gets destroyed by maggots, you can notice brownish rotten patches on fruits. To control, spray malathion 50EC 2 ml/litre.

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