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How To Propagate Adenium From Seeds

by aditya abhishek

Adenium Propagation

You can propagate adeniums from seeds, grafting or cutting from end of February to September. But it advised to grow adeniums from seeds and grafting. 

If you propagate adenium plant from cuttings then you will not get caudex of desired shape easily. Grafting is little complex for beginners, that's why experts advise to propagate from seeds. 

To propagate adeniums from seeds, buy high quality seeds from online stores such as Amazon. You can buy adenium seeds from link provided above. 

You can select any small earthen pot or paper cups with drainage holes at the bottom. Avoid selecting plastic containers for germinating adenium seeds. 

Fill the selected pots only with river sand, leave some space at the top of the pot. You do not need to add any fertilizer or compoost in the sand. Apply water in the sand 24 hours before sowing. 

In each pot, sow 2 to 3 seeds and cover them with a thin layer of the river sand. Keep the pot under shade & apply water to keep the medium moist. 

Within 4 to 7 days seeds will start germinating. After emergence of 4 to 5 leaves, apply 1 grams of NPK (19:19:19) in 1 litre of water around the base of the plant once after every 15 days.

After 120 days from seedling emergence, you can start transplanting adenium seedlings in the new pot. Use potting mix prepared by mixing 50% cinder media + 50% river sand. 

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