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How To Plant, Grow & Care For African Violets

by aditya abhishek


It is a genus of around 15 to 20 species of herbaceous perennial flowering plants that are popular in America & Canada. 


African violets love to grow in tempertaure range of 18 to 26 degrees Celsius with 80% humidity. They grow well in USDA zones 11 to 12. 

Soil & Potting Mix

Well draining slightly acidic soil is good for growing African Violets. Prepare potting mix with 40% garden soil + 30% organic compost + 30% cocopeat. 


Avoid keeping them under direct sunlight, bright indirect sunlight for at least 8 to 10 hours promote good growth. 


They love moist soil, but hates waterlogged soil. Keep the soil little moist, add water from bottom when top layer of soil becomes dry. 


After every 2 weeks you can fertilizer your plant with tea leaf compost or dung manure. Do not use concentrated fertilizers. 

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