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How To Make Organic Colours For Holi

by aditya abhishek


Holi festival signifies the triumph of good over evil. On this day people put colours on each other. But, most of the colours available in the market synthetic & harmful for skin.

If you want to play holi with your friends & family joyfully without causing any harm to your skin, then you can use these methods to prepare organic or herbal colours. 

Yellow Colour

To make dry yellow colour for holi, mix 1oo grams of gram flour in 200 grams of turmeric & strain them. For wet colour, add turmeric in water, boil and let it cool down. 

Red Colour

Take 200 grams of turmeric and mix lemon juice in the powder. Dry the mixture under shade and it is ready for use. For wet colour, boil pomegranates peels in water. 

Pink Colour

Process of making pink colour for holi is same as red colour. The only difference is that you need to add less drops of lemon juice in turmeric to turn them into pink. 

Brown Colour

To make organic brown colour, mix 200 grams of coffee & one teaspoon of rose water in water. Rose water helps in creating pleasant smell in the mixture. 

Green Colour

For making green colour, mix heena powder with rice flour in equal amounts. Do not mix henna in water to make green colour as they leave stains on skin & cloths.

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