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How To Grow Onions At Home

By Aditya abhishek

There are varieties of onion in the world that vary in taste, flavour,  colour, and size. But one this common that we love onion in cooked food. 


If you want to harvest leafy greens of onion then you can propagate them from bulbs but if you want to harvest bulbs then propagate onion from seeds


You can start growing onions anytime during a year, but avoid growing them during extreme winters and summers. 

Growing Season

Onion plant loves well drained, loose sandy loam soil rich in organic matter. Prepare potting mix with 40% normal garden soil + 20% river sand + 40% organic compost.

Potting Mix

Broadcast seeds on soil or sow in line, cover with thin layer of potting mix, apply water gently, within 7 to 10 days you will notice seedlings. 


You will need to grow onion at a spot where plants can receive at least 12 hours of direct sunlight daily. Sunlight promotes healthy growth of foliage and bulbs. 


Stop watering completely 2 to 3 weeks before harvesting. Only apply water when top layer of soil seems dry. 


Apply two to three handful of any bulky manure once in a month along with fish emulsion organic fertilizer for best results.


After around 120 days from seed sowing you can start harvesting onion bulbs, pull complete plant out of soil carefully to get good harvest. 


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