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How To Grow & Care For Water Lily

by aditya abhishek

Water Lilies are rhizomatous aquatic herbs growing in temperate and tropical climates. This plant fascinates planters around the world.  


They are of different colors, sizes, and shapes. Broadly categorized into Hardy, Tropical day bloomer, tropical night bloomer, ISG, etc. You can grow them by following these tips. 

Select a big and a small non porous container of at least 16 inches to start growing water lily plant. Avoid having drainage holes for this plant. 

Pond size

You should keep your container at a place where your waterlily plant can receive bright direct sunlight throughout the day. 


Fill the small pot with potting mix made by mixing 70% clayey soil + 30% well decomposed vermicompost. Do not add additional fertilizer. 

potting mix

From spring to fall once after every 45 days add ssmocote based slow-release pond fertilizer pellets by folding pellets in a paper chit and push it deep down in the soil.


The best method to propagate water lily is through tubers which they start producing at the beginning of their growing season that is spring. 


You can keep Guppies, Molly, Koi, Betta, etc. Adding fish to water lily pond helps in reducing mosquito larvae, algae, and sediments. 

Friendly Fish

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