Agriculture review

Rangoon Creeper Care Guide


Also known as Madhumalti is a perennial flowering plant that are commonly found in India, Philippines and Malaysia. 


Tropical to sub-tropical climate is ideal for this plant. You can grow them anytime during the year except harsh winters. 

Potting Mix

Prepare potting mix with 60% normal garden soil + 30% any organic compost + 10% cocopeat.


Take 2-3 inches long semi hardwood cuttings to propagate this plant. 


Daily at least 6 hours of direct sunlight is required to grow Rangoon creeper plant.


During summers apply water daily but during winters you can apply water once after every 3 days.


Use 2 to 3 handful of organic compost along with banana peel fertilizer once after every 30 days. 


The roots, seeds or fruits can be used to treat diarrhoea, nephritis, Fruit parts for gargling, leaves for pain relief caused by fever.