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How To Grow & Care For Plumeria

by aditya abhishek

Plumeria also known as Frangipani is a perennial flowering plant that gardeners love to grow for its fragrant, plant shape and colourful flowers. You can also grow plumeria by following these steps. 


Plumeria can grow well in tropical to sub tropical climate, it is a summer flowering plant that goes under dormancy during winters. 

Soil & Potting Mix

Well drained loamy to sandy loam soil is ideal. Prepare potting mix with 40% garden soil + 30% cocopeat + 30% organic compost. 


You can propagate plumeria by taking 12 inches stem cuttings, dipping bottom end in rooting hormone, then planting cuttings in the soil,  maintain moisture and wait.  


Direct sunlight of at least 6 to 8 hours daily is necessary for good plant growth and flower size. 


Avoid waterlogging in the pot as it can lead to root rot. Apply water when top layer of soil seems dry. 


From spring to end of summer, fertilizer with two handful of leaf compost or dung manure along with onion peel fertilizers.


To promote flowering in the next season and maintain plant shape keep pruning old and diseased branches time to time. 

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