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How To Grow & Care For Orchids

By aditya abhishek

Orchids are diverse group of fragrant and colourful flowering plants that are native to nearly every continent except Antarctica. 

Orchids can be epiphytic and terrestrial. Terrestrial orchids can grow in soil in temperate climate while epiphytic orchids can grow without soil. 

Types Of Orchids

70 to 80% humidity, and temperature range of 18 to 28 degrees Celsius is ideal for growing and caring for orchids. 


Terrestrial orchids grow well in well drained potting mix. Prepare potting mix with 1 part sand, 1 part cocopeat, 1 part fir bark and gravel, and leaf manure

Terrestrial Orchid

But for epiphytic orchids use coconut husk, charcoal, and broken pieces of bricks and tiles for preparing growing medium

Epiphytic Orchid

Indirect bright sunlight is good for caring for orchids. Do not keep orchids under direct sunlight as it can cause harm to them. 


Use NPK in the ratio 10:30:20 with trace elements along with 20 to 25% coconut water once every month to fertilize your orchid plants. 


Watering is important to maintain humidity, apply water by misting when atmospheric humidity falls below 70%.


Take out orchid from old pot, trim roots, shift to new pot filled with growing medium, add water gently, But orchids don't need regular repotting. 


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