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How To Grow & Care For Geranium

by aditya abhishek


Also known as Cranesbill is a genus that has over 422 species of flowering plants. Geraniums can be annual, biennial or perennial. 


Geranium can grow well in cold temperate climate. In tropical region you can grow them on hilly areas or in areas where temperature ranges from 0 to 26 degrees Celsius. 

Soil & Potting Mix

Well draining loose soil rich in organic matter is good for growing geranium. Prepare potting mix with 30% soil + 30% compost + 20% river sand + 10% cocopeat + 10% perlite.  


Keep in direct morning sunlight & if temperature is too hot outside during daytime then shift your plants under partial shade, otherwise it is okay to keep under direct sunlight. 


Moderate watering is good for geranium plant. Do not let the soil dry for longer duration. Make sure to have drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. 


Once after every 20 days add one tablespoon of  tea leaf compost along with bonemeal to fertilize geranium plant. Avoid during dormant season. 


You can propagate geranium by taking 4 to 6 inches semi-hardwood stem cuttings just below the node & planting bottom end in soil. 

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