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How To Grow & Care For Desert Rose (Adenium)

by aditya abhishek 


Adenium or Desert Rose is a genus of flowering plants that are native to Africa & Arabian Peninsula. You can grow desert rose as a houseplant.

People love growing adeniums for their beautiful flowers and thick caudices. You can use this plant to create bonsai. However, plant plarts are toxic, therefore, handle carefully.


Dry, hot tropical climate is best for growing desert rose. If you are living in USDA zones 11 and 12 then you can grow this beautiful plant. 

Soil & Potting Mix

Well draining sandy soil is good for adeniums. You can prepare potting mix with 20% soil + 20% cocopeat + 20% river sand + 20% compost + 20% perlite. 


They brifer to grow well under bright direct to indirect sunlight throughou the day. Avoid keeping them in low light condition. 


Desert rose plant is draught tolerant, and can survive without water for longer spells. Avoid over watering, water when top layer of soil becomes completely dry. 


You can fertilize adenium once iwhen new growth starts in spring. Apply two handful of dung manure + 1 table spoon bonemeal. 


You can propagate adenium by seeds, cuttings or grafting. The mest method of propagation is by cuttings. Seeds propagated adeniums take long time to grow. 

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