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How To Get Intense Flowering In Hibiscus Plant

by aditya abhishek


Hibiscus is a perennial, summer flowering plants that can be easily grown in tropical to sub-tropical climates. To increase flowering in hibiscus, follow these effective tips...

Native Variety

If you want heavy flowering, then instead of growing exotic varieties, prefer growing native varieties as they are adapted to bloom heavily in local climate. 

However, you can also increase flowering in exotic varieties that produce large variegated and showy flowers, but they will be always lesser in quantity than native variety hibiscus. 


New flowers develop on new branches that grow after flowering season. That's why prune old branches during early winter or spring to promote summer blooms.


Make sure to grow your hibiscus plant at a place where it can receive at least 6 to 8 hours of bright, direct sunlight daily. It will help in foliage growth as well as flowering. 


Moderate watering is good for hibiscus plant. Apply water only when soil become little dry. Make sure to avoid waterlogging in the pot. 


To increase flowering in hibiscus, take 1 gram of NPK (0:0:60) & dilute it in 1 litre of water. Apply around base of the plant once after every 15 days. Also apply one handful dung manure. 

Mealy Bugs

You will need to be alert in eliminating mealy bugs pests. Use neem oil spray or clean infected portion with cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Wash with water after cleaning. 

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