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How To Do Gardening In Small Space

by aditya abhishek

People who love gardening can not stop themselves from growing plants, even at places nobody else could have imagined. To do gardening in a small space, follow these tips. 

Use Space Wisely

If you are growing plants in small spaces such as balconies, terraces, then you need to optimize space carefully. Plant horizontally as well as vertically. 

Use Drainage Plates

Make sure to have drainage plates beneath every pot because it will help stop drained water from carrying dirt from flowing on the ground.  

Get Plant Stands

In small garden, plant stands looks attractive, and they also help to optimize space efficiently. Therefore you can add them to your small garden. 

Don't Overcrowd

If you add too many plants to a small space, it would be tough to do any activity in the garden. Therefore, always maintain a balance. 

Theme Based

You can grow various plant types in a garden or multiple species of a genus. You can create a succulent, cactus, daisy, or other flower species garden.

Use Hanging Pots

You can grow creeping or flowering plants such as pothos, turtle vines, petunia, pansy, etc., in hanging pots to enhance the theme of your small garden. 

Bring Air Plants

They are easy to care for, and you can create a beautiful terrarium with them. They can even grow without much watering in places with high humidity.

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