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How To Create A Tropical Garden

by aditya abhishek


A tropical garden consist of various types of tropical plants that create a lush green appearance. They generally requires high humidity, and fertilizers. 


It plays a vital role in creating a tropical garden. Make sure to have a dark background mostly composed of green or dark brown colour. You can have a green wall or a wooden wall behind your garden. 


Plant longer tropical plants nearest to the background and then shorter plants sequentially to create a beautiful effect. You can plant tall bananas, Heliconias, etc.

After first layer of longer plants, you can plant Plumeria, Areca palm, Bird Of Paradise, etc. Thereafter you can plant shorter tropical plants such as Alocasia, ferns, anthuriums, bromeliads, etc.

Focus Point

In the center of your garden, make sure to grow a specific plant or keep an object that draws attention. You can plant something that has unique foliage structure or can keep an statue. 

Hanging Plants

Make sure to add hanging tropical plants to your tropical garden. You can plant ferns, pothos, spider plants, burro's tails, etc. They add realism to the landscape. 

Tropical Flowers

However, you should avoid adding too much flowering plants in a tropical garden, but plants such as Heliconias, bird of paradise, Begonias, etc. blend easily. 

Colour Of Pots

Avoid using light coloured pots in a tropical garden as they do not blend easily. Instead, try using black or dark coloured pots in the garden. 

Plant Population

One of the important feature of a tropical garden it its dense plant population. But you also need to avoid over crowding, so leave some space within the garden. 

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