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How To Control Termites In Farm & Garden

by aditya abhishek

Termites are one of the most hazardous and destructive pest that can destroy woody plants on a large scale. And if are facing problem in controlling them then read till the end. 

Termites generally feeds on organic manure, humus, grass, woods, and in severe cases field crops. Semi circular feeding marks on the margin of leaves is most common symptom.

There are various ways or methods such as physical, cultural, organic, and chemical through which you can control termites. 

Cultural Methods

In case of pest infestation, practice flood irrigation before plantation, add organic matter, and practice crop rotation. It helps in reducing termite population. 

Organic Methods

Use neem cake fertilizer, and bio-pesticides such as Jeevamrut, Panchgavya, and Aagneyastra time to time. Introduce predatory species such as Metarhyzium aniospliae (Bio Blast).

Chemical Methods

Apply 50 Kilograms of Lindane 1.6 D to the soil in 1 hectare of farm land. You can also use this chemical in controlling termites in your garden. 

Traditional Methods

Planting banana around the farm or garden is found to be effective in controlling termites by traditional farmers, hence you can also try this method. 

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