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How To Boost Flowering In Plants

by aditya abhishek

We all have desire to get heavy flowering in our flowering plants. But, how to do so?  Well if you take care of these points then you will be able to increase flowering.

Climate and temperature plays a major role in flowering. If you start growing seasonal flowers during incorrect season then they may not produce a single flower at all. 


Therefore before buying a plant get to know about their season. You can also search about plants on to get correct information. 

I have seen most people using clayey soils in their pot which results in poor health of their plants. Instead use well draining soils rich in organic matter. 


If you are not sure how to begin, then mix 40% soil + 40% dung manure or vermicompost + 20% cocopeat + 1 teaspoon bonemeal. 

Potting mix

Most of the flowering plants require lot of direct bright sunlight to grow and bloom. Therefore make sure to plant them at correct spot. 


While watering make sure to avoid waterlogging in the pot. If the soil is already moist then avoid watering. Only apply water when soil becomes little dry. 


Just as we humans need food for energy and growth, plants also need specific nutrients to grow and flower. In initial growth days you can use nitrogen rich fertilizers. 


Fertilizers that rich in nitrogen are leaf compost, vermicompost, Neem cake fertilizers, dung manure, etc. Add them during initial days of growth in flowering plants. 

But once you start noticing buds then start adding potassium and phosphorus rich fertilizers such as onion peel, banana peel, bonemeal, etc. along with cow dung manure. 

During the initial days of bud formation, remove unwanted buds. This will increase foliage growth which will result in intense flowering later on. 


If you are interested to get large sized flowers them remove numerous buds and leave one or two in a single branch. This will help to increase flower size. 

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