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How Precision Agriculture Can Benefit Farmers

by aditya abhishek

Also known as precision farming or satellite farming is a farming management method in which we use information technology to plan farm activities to get optimum yield. 

Precision Agriculture

Adopting precision agriculture helps farmer to ensure profitability by getting better insight on soil type, local weather predictions, crop response, etc. 

With the help of Satellites, GPS system, agriculture drones farmers can get real time data of their farm and can plan fertilizer  schedule, plantation, irrigation, harvesting, etc.

Precision farming is better than traditional farming methods because it helps farmer to analyze soil nutrient content so that farmer can apply fertilizers effectively. 


Water wastage is common problem in agriculture farms, but satellite farming helps to determine soil moisture content so that farmers can increase water use efficiency.


With the help of aerial drones with high resolution cameras, farmers can create farm map, track ongoing farm activities, farm boundary, cropping, and yield potential. 


Precision agriculture is costly because all those setups requires high initial investments, moreover proper education is required to make this technology farmer friendly. 


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