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How Often To Water Potted Plants

by aditya abhishek


Watering potted plants is an art & science that you need to master. You will need to understand that every plant variety has specific water needs.


There are various factors that control watering frequency in potted plants such as local climate, soil type & drainage. Each of of them are essential. 

Soil Type

Depending on variety, plant require various soil types. For example, most of the flowering plants require well draining soil rich in organic matter but succulents require sandy soils. 

Avoid using clayey soil or heavy soils for growing plants. Also avoid using ground soil directly. Always prepare appropriate potting mix for growing plants. 

Watering Frequency

There is no fixed watering frequency as climate & soil type varies from place to place. But you need to understand when to water to care for your plant. 

When To Water

Only apply water when 1 to 2 inches top layer of potting soil seems dry. Make sure to have drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Make sure that water drains out perfectly. 

Moreover you should avoid watering during afternoon hours. Apply water only during early morning hours or evenings. 

When Not To Water

If the soil seems wet, then avoid watering. Due to overwatering, plants can get affected due to fungal diseases. 

Ignoring watering can also lead to poor plant growth. Therefore keep checking the condition of the soil daily. If you are looking for plants that require less watering, then grow succulents or cacti. 


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