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How Often To Water Indoor Plants

by aditya abhishek

When it comes to caring for houseplants, then one should know that to keep houseplants healthy, you must learn the art of watering your houseplants.

Understand Basics

Houseplants require indirect sunlight & can grow well with a little amount of fertilizers. But water is something that they need regularly. 

However, watering frequency can differ according to soil type, climate, and variety or type of the houseplant. You can not treat all houseplants equally to keep them healthy.  

Soil Type

If soil is clayey or heavy & has good water-holding capacity, then you do not need to water often. But if it is well-draining sandy loam soil then, you can water more often. 


Temperature & humidity plays a vital role in deciding watering frequency. If you live in the dry tropical climate, then you need to water regularly because the soil dries rapidly. 

But houseplant doesn't need water frequently in places with high humidity or cold climatic conditions. Watering once a week is suitable for these conditions. 

Type Or Variety

It is one of the most critical factor for watering houseplants. Houseplants such as peace lily, pothos, & monstera require regular watering than succulents. 

Watering Succulents

Succulents require minimal watering. Only add water when the top layer of the soil becomes completely dry. Over-watering can kill succulents. 

Water Loving Plants

Houseplants like pothos, peace lilies, monstera, prayer plants, etc., love humidity. Hence you should keep the soil a little moist but not soggy. 

Common Mistake

Many people new to gardening do not care about having drainage holes at the bottom of pots. But it is necessary to remove excess water from the pot. 

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