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How Often Do You Water Succulents

by aditya abhishek


If you have tried to grow succulents or have heard abut them, then you must have witnessed how watering can affect the health of succulent plants. 

A common mistake that can kill your succulent plant is improper watering. Most of the plant enthusiat keep treating succulent as other plants which eventually leads to root rot. 

So how and when to water succulents so that they grow well and healthy. Well, you should take care of these guidelines to water your succulents properly. 

Understand Soil

We can not grow succulents in any kind of soil, especially the hate clay soil but loves well drained sandy soils. Therefore, you should avoid planting them directly in the soil. 

Potting Mix

Therefore, to grow succulents use potting mix prepared by mixing 40% crushed dried leaves + 20% river sand + 20% leaf compost + 20% cinder or perlite. 

When To Water

Once you have planted your succulents in this potting mix, you can apply water at room temperature only during morning or late evenings. 

Watering Frequency

Only apply water when potting soil dries completely. During hot summer days you can water once after every 7 days but in winters water after every 20 to 25 days. 

How To Water

There is no need to apply water from bottom, apply water around the base of the plant & avoid wetting leaves. In hot & dry summer days you can mist them once in a month. 

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