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How Not To Kill Your Houseplants

by aditya abhishek

If you are willing to keep amazing houseplants in your home but end up killing them, then you might be doing these common mistakes. 

Direct Sunlight

New gardeners often do this mistake of keeping houseplants under harsh direct sunlight throughout the day which leads to leaf browning.

No Light

Few people think that houseplants can survive without sunlight. But it is not true, they still require indirect sunlight to grow or you can use artificial grow lights. 


Most of the houseplants such as snake plant, Aloe, ZZ plant, Orchids, Air plant, etc. are sensitive to over watering. Hence you should water them carefully. 


Houseplants such as pothos, monstera, Bostorn fern, Peace lily, etc. require frequent watering to grow, hence underwatering can put these plant in stress. 


Avoid adding too much fertilizers for feeding houseplants. You can fertilize with nitrogen rich fertilizers such as tea leaf compost once after every 60 days for foliage houseplants. 


Avoid growing houseplant in heavy clayey soil. Select well draining soil rich in organic matter. Make sure water get drained properly. 

Pest & Diseases

You need to keep checking for any abnormal signs on your houseplants. Identifying pest & diseases at right time can help you in controlling them. 

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