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How Much Food Goes Uneaten In The World?

by aditya abhishek

Total Production

From 2000 to 2022, the global food production increased by 50%. In 2020, around 9.3 billion tonnes of food were produced. 

Major Crops

50% of the total global food production is contributed by four major crops namely: sugar cane, maize, rice and wheat.


Brazil is the leading producer of sugarcane in the world followed by India, European Union, Thailand and China. 


The United States of America is the largest maize producing country in the world. It contributes 32% of the global maize production. 


China is the largest rice producing country in the world. India is second with a total rice production of 129.47 million metric tonnes. 


China is the leading wheat producing country in the world, followed by India, Russia, United States, France, Canada, etc. 

Food Wastage

Around 1/3rd of the total produced food which is around 2.5 billion tonnes goes uneaten or wasted in the world every year. 


That's why it is said that we should never waste food as there are around 783 million people on earth who still go to bed hungry. 

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