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How Is Pasturage Related To Honey Production

by aditya abhishek

What Is Pasturage?

Pasturage or bee forage are crops that yield pollen and nectar for bees. They are grown within flight range of the bees. 


Some of the common examples of bee pasturage are red clover, skip laurel, tulip poplar, apple, gallberry, coriander, Mexican sunflower, etc. 


To get high quality and quantity yield, bee pasturage plays an essential role. Bees get high-quality nectar from bee pasturage. 


To get a unique flavor and consistency of honey, bee pasturage with specific crops such as mustard, tamarind, lychee, etc. plays an essential role. 


Bee pasturage not only helps to increase the quality and yield of honey, but it also helps to increase pollination which results in higher crop yield. 

Economical Benefits

As it helps to enhance the flavor and quality of the honey, therefore, honey can be branded and sold for higher prices in the market. 

Expert Advice

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