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How Is Biotechnology Used In Agriculture

by aditya abhishek


To improve crop yield, resistance to pests & diseases, and overall crop quality biotechnology comes in use. It has helped us to overcome food crisis in the world in many regions. 


By inserting foreign genes that produces desirable characters in the progeny into the DNA of a plant or animal help us to increase the overall performance. 

Crop Quality 

Scientists have developed tomatoes that ripen more slowly, which allows them to be transported over longer distances without spoiling, hence post harvest loss got reduced. 

Golden rice variety contains high amount of Beta carotene which is converted into Vitamin-A with the help of our digestive system. Hence, it helped in increasing nutritive value of rice. 

Draught Tolerant Crop

In semi-arid and arid regions where water is scarce, growing crops is difficult. By using biotechnology, scientists have produced draught resistant maize & wheat varieites.

Pest Resistance

You must have heard about Bt cotton, it is the masterpiece of biotechnology. It has been developed to protect cotton from bollworms pest.

Tissue Culture

It is practiced to produce large numbers of genetically identical plants that contains desirable traits from a single plant.


To control pests in the farm, biopesticides are developed from naturally occurring organisms, such as bacteria or fungi. It has helped to reduce depedency on chemical fertilizers. 

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