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How Holi Is Connected To Agriculture

by aditya abhishek


People celebrate holi every year in spring season to celebrate victory of good over evil. On this day people forget about differences among themselves and celebrate the festival together. 

Holi 2023

In 2023, people are going to celebrate holi on 8th March. Hindus all across world will put colours on each other, prepare and enjoy delicious foods to celebrate holi. 

Holi & Agriculture

But, holi is not only a festival of colours but is has an important connection to agriculture. It is also known as the festival of spring harvest. 

After harvesting, selling of harvested crop and planting new crop in the farm, farmers celebrate this spring festival to enjoy their harvest and free time with colours and desserts.

Holika Dahan 

Just before holi, people also celebrate holika dahan in which they do traditional rituats and burn woods and eat local made foods. 

Holika Dahan Time

In the year 2023, people are going to celebrate holika dahan on 7th March between 6:24 pm to 8:51 pm. They will come out of their home, gather at a common place to burn holika. 

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