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How Does Agriculture Affect Settlement

by aditya abhishek

Today human population is concentrated in cities. This has happened due to advancements in transport facilities and technologies. But, still none could replace dependancy of humans on agriculture. 

Since the first agricultural revolution, humans started relying on agriculture for food. Instead of relying only on hunting for food, they started domesticating crops & animals. 

The need for a reliable source of food was one of the primary reasons why humans transitioned from a nomadic lifestyle to a settled one. Humans used to search for fertile land with water resources. 

As a result, settlements tended to be located in areas with fertile soil and a reliable water supply. Many early civilizations such as Indus Valley, Egyptian came into existence due to agriculture.

Agricultural developments also led to the growth of trade & commerce. As people started to produce more food than they needed, they started exchanging the surplus for other goods and services.

Due to these practices markets started evolving, thus people started concentrating at a place which resulted in formation of towns & cities. 

As cities eveolved, people started producing more food for larger population. This led to shift from subsistence farming model where food was produced to feed the family members only.

Due to availability of food in surplus, more complex societies and political systems started developing. Due to fulfilling food demands, people also started developing interests in other professions. 

And at present, we are here, reading this story on our smartphones, maybe ordering some food items online which get delivered quickly. All became possible due to the evolution of agriculture.

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