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How Do Storage Grain Losses Occur

by aditya abhishek

Post Harvest Losses

After harvesting grains, post-harvest management is challenging in developing countries. Poor post-harvest infrastructure results in losses of harvested produce. 

Due to poor post-harvest management, weight loss due to spoilage, quality loss, nutritional loss, seed viability loss, etc., can occur. 


Hence, harvested grains are stored in bags, silos, warehouses and containers to increase shelf life. But even in storage, grain losses can occur due to...

Biotic Factors

If the grain storage house is not well secured, insects, rodents, mites, fungi, or bacteria can damage stored grains. 

Abiotic Factors

Important abiotic factors such as temperature, moisture (in grains), humidity (in the air), etc., are responsible for grain losses.

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