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How Do Animals & Plants Depend On Each Other

by aditya abhishek

Animals and plants are esential components of ecolological system on earth. Both need each other to exist for longer period of time. Absence of any single component can disrupt another. 

Let's Understand

Plants are primary producer of food. Animals depend on plants for food. Grasshopper eats grass, and then it is eaten by frogs., which ultimately get eaten by snake and so on. 

During this process there is transfer of energy from one trophic level to another and only 10% of previous trophic level is transferred to next one. 

O2 & CO2

Most of the plants takes CO2 during the daytime and releases O2 during phtosynthesis which is very essential for survival of animals. as well as plants. 


Trees are great for taking shelters for animals such as monkeys, birds, insects, and even our ancestors used to take shelter under a tree. 

Nutrient Cycle

Both animals and plants dies and get decomposed by microbes and other organisms. They become a rich source of nutrients which get used again by plants for growth. 

Water Filteration

Water gets naturally filterd by forests and westlands. Hence, animals can quench their thirst by drinking clean water. 


Plant needs animals for pollination and dispersal of seeds. This method of pollination is also known as Zoophily. 

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