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How Cocopeat Is Beneficial For Plants

by aditya abhishek

While growing a plant, selecting right potting mix is very crucial. A plant needs drainage, good aeration, support and nutrients to grow well. And adding cocopeat in the potting mix can help a lot. 


Cocopeat is a byproduct of the coconut industry, where the fibrous outer shell of coconuts is processed to obtain materials like coir fiber and cocopeat.


It has excellent water-holding capacity, allowing it to retain moisture for extended periods. Therefore, you can use it to grow plants that love moisture. 

Cocopeat promotes good airflow within the potting soil. It prevents compaction & facilitates root respiration by allowing oxygen to reach the plant roots.

You can use cocopeat for wide range of plants as pH of cocopeat is around 6.5 which is neutral. That's why it does not alter soil pH. 

It is an environmentally friendly option as it is a renewable resource derived from coconut husks, which are abundant and readily available, therefore good for organic gardening. 

Cocopeat can be used to germinate seeds successfully. Mix 40% cocopeat + 40% leaf compost + 10% river sand  + 10% perlite or cinder to sow seeds. 

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