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How Climate Change Is Related To Agricultural Revolution

by aditya abhishek


Climate change plays a significant role in determining productivity & sustainability of agricultural systems. 

Climate Change

Changes in temperature, precipitation patterns, and extreme weather events are associted with climate change. It can impact crop yields, soil quality, & water availability.


Agricultural activities such as livestock production, deforestation, & the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are also responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. 


According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the agricultural sector is responsible for around 12% of global greenhouse gas emissions.


Sustainable agricultural practices such as agroforestry, conservation agriculture, & organic farming can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions & enhance soil health.

Precision Agriculture

Practicing precision agriculture such as using drones, GPS, IPM, etc. helps to reduce farm waste & increase efficiency. 


In response to climate change, farmers & agricultural scientists are developing new strategies and technologies to adapt to changing conditions.

For example, some farmers are switching to drought-resistant crops such as millets or developing irrigation systems to conserve water. 

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