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How Agritourism Can Boost Farmer's Income

by aditya abhishek

What Is Agritourism

It is an enterprise that connects farming with tourism, intended to benefit farmers and tourists. It helps tourist to experience rural life and act as an income source for farmers.


Generally, agriculture students, educators, researchers, or travelers who love to experience new things are interested in visiting a farm. 


Tourists want to spend some days in an active farm, to learn & practice farming activities, culture, art, taste local foods, buy local manufactured products, etc. 

Farmer's Benefit

Farmers can set up accommodation facilities, organize fun & farm activities, cook, & serve local foods, sell farm produce and charge for these service to earn extra income. 

Tourists can also benefit farmers by sharing their experience and knowledge and working on the farm. 

How To Start?

It is very simple, start with setting up rooms in which tourists can stay, give your farm a beautiful name, plant activities and start marketing. 

You can promote your agritourism center on social media, google ads, whatsapp groups, etc. Register your center on Google maps so that tourist can find you easily. 

Our Service

If you are unsure but want to start an agritourism center, get connected with Agriculture Review. We will guide you step by step to create your center. 

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