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Houseplants That Can Grow In Water

by aditya abhishek


The easiest to grow and care for houseplant in water is pothos, change water after every 2 weeks, keep in bright indirect sunlight & this plant will keep growing. 

Lucky Bamboo

This plant not only looks cute but growing them in glass vase indoors is believed to bring good luck in life. Keep changing water weekly to avoid bad health of the plant. 

Wandering Jew

You can easily grow them by taking cuttings and keeping in a glass filled with water. They will start rooting and growing in water within 10 days. 


They are famous for leaf shape, pattern & some varieties even flower, just keep changing water weekly and keep in bright indirect sunlight. 


Separate offsets with roots and keep them in a glass jar filled with water and watch them grow in your indoor garden. 

Prayer Plant

They are popular for amazing shape and patterns on leaves and you can keep them in glass jars filled with water. 

Monstera Plant

Although they can grow in water but you need to take proper care of monstera plant. Keep changing water frequently and keep in bright indirect sunlight. 

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