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Horticulture Vs Agriculture

by aditya abhishek

What Is Agriculture?

It is the broad branch of science that deals with crop cultivation,  and raising livestock. 

Agriculture includes agronomy, horticulture, plant engineering, economics, livestock, soil science, rural psychology, plant pathology, extension education etc.

What Is Horticulture?

It is the branch of agriculture science that deals with the study of raising fruit crops, vegetable crops, flowers, land scaping, & post harvest technology.

Let's now understand main differences between agriculture and horticulture points by points. It will help to dive deep into concepts. 

Agriculture Vs Horticulture

In agriculture we deal with all aspects of crop cultivation, but in horticulture we only discuss about fruit, flower, vegetables farming & post harvest technology. 

In horticulture we do not learn and discuss about animal husbandry but in agriculture we learn and discuss animal husbandry

Agriculture is only practiced on a large scale while horticulture can be practiced on a small scale such as a small garden. 

Horticulture is a sub branch of agriculture while agriculture is the main root for all subjects related to crop cultivation and animal husbandry. 

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